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Audio Mastering, London UK.  Mixing&Mastering Studio, CD Mastering, Mastering for Vinyl, Stem-Mastering, Audio Post Production, MFiT, high res 24/96, flac, mp3, etc.

Online Mastering Services, dedicated Room and best Mastering Gears, Professional Customer Service, Affordable Prices and skilled Mastering Engineer.

Low cost mastering audio services for independent artists, producers, mixing engineers, recording studios and labels. 

The Studio specialises in mastering dance music (EDM), techno mastering, hip hop, reggae, indie, folk, pop, rock, dubstep mastering, jazz, mastering house, soul and funk music. We do not shy away from other music genres though, so if you are looking for an engineer for your death metal, or country album – you do not need to look any further.


There are three crucial elements that should be a staple of any professional studio, designated for Audio Mastering

1 - flat and accurate monitoring system.

2 - made-to-measure acoustic treatment.

3 - skilled and experienced Mastering Engineer.

Here at Red Mastering London we have all of them. We also use some of the best mastering gears and digital tools carefully selected over the years. They help us to deliver high quality audio masters.



Our London Studio

Our dedicated to mixing&mastering room has been specifically designed to create the perfect listening environment for working with audio. We spent years on improving quality of room for mastering music. It has made-to-measure acoustic treatment resulting in a clear and precise sound every time, allowing us to really hear the audio that we are working on. This means that not only are we able to pick out even the tiniest of details, but coupled with our state of the art equipment we are able to produce masters that will sound great on any system time after time.

Mastering Equipment

We use some of the best digital and analogue mastering equipment which has been specifically chosen over the years to work together with the studio and to achieve the best possible results. Full range high end mastering monitors are as much important as acoustically designed room and high end monitoring DAC (mytek 192 dsd mastering edition). Please read more here.

Mastering Engineer

Our London Studio is very privileged to have a full-time on-site Mastering Engineer, Filip Pietrzykowski. Filip has been mastering audio for many years and has previously worked as a producer, recording engineer and mixer. He is also a keen musician who plays guitar and bass guitar, and still makes his own beats. 

Having such varied experience is extremely beneficial when it comes to music mastering and audio post production, and having worked in the music business for over 20 years, Filip knows every stage of music production inside out, allowing him to instinctively pinpoint any problem with your mix and advise of the best way to fix it. Read more here.


Mastering Engineer, Red Mastering Studio, London


Mastering Audio

Pre-Mastering Audio is the final and last stage of music production. The engineer appraises the material from a technical point of view to give it a final polish before duplication. In case of an album, all its elements are being brought together to make them sound as a united whole.

The most important part of the process is critical listening of the audio material in a room with good acoustics and a very accurate monitoring system. In these conditions, a mastering engineer is able to pick up even minor flaws in the mix which can then be rectified before the material gets released.

Audio Mastering entails a degree of audio processing like equalisation, level adjustment, compression, limiting etc. in order to enhance the sound of the material and optimise its translation on various playback systems. Please read more here.


Audio Mastering Services - what we offer


  • Online Mixing
  • Mix Review
  • CD Mastering
  • Mastering for Vinyl
  • Audio Post Production
  • Stem Mastering
  • DDP Master
  • Red Book
  • Mastering for iTunes –MFiT


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CD Mastering vs Mastering for Vinyl

CD Master or Digital Master, not to be confused with digital mastering - a process of working 'in the box' and using plugins only, is the most popular form of delivery of audio masters and one that our clients usually opt for. But Red Mastering also specialises in Mastering for Vinyl, which is becoming increasingly popular due to the renaissance of that medium.

Through years of experience, our engineer understands what the audio must sound like before being sent for cutting, in order for the vinyl to sound perfect. Vinyl has its physical limitations and an engineer needs to know how to use the EQ to reduce overly wide stereo low frequencies and check for excessive high frequencies, making sure they are not too fast or abrasive. If such issues are not fixed and looked at, the vinyl will not play properly once it is cut, causing the needle to jump about at the sound of every high or low frequency. 

During mastering for vinyl, our engineer uses very little compression, no limiting and never clipping a/d - which is very common when mastering for digital distribution.

It also helps to have a good relationship with the cutting studio, know what equipment they use and understand its capabilities. A mastering engineer can then be confident that the audio file they send out for cutting will sound exactly as they intended once pressed on vinyl.

Mastering Vinyl technically also involves the process of cutting the vinyl. Before the era of digital mastering, a mastering engineer would not only prepare the sound for the vinyl but also cut it. Nowadays, the cutting studio receives the a digital file and then the vinyl is cut.


Stem Mastering


A stem represents an instrument or a group of instruments so that you can control the changes you make to each sound individually. A mastering engineer will usually work with a few stems which, when added all together at equal volume, will create a whole sound as though it was simply a single stereo file.

How many stems the mix is broken down into depends entirely on the clients’ and producers’ needs and can range from two stem mastering, where it will usually be the vocals and the backing track, or it can even include a stem for each individual instrument.

As each stem can be manipulated and adjusted individually without compromising any of the other sounds/stems, this gives the engineer more control and makes it far easier to fix any faults in the mix, as well as apply any artistic influence that may be wanted by the client.  

Stem mastering is almost an in-between mixing and mastering and is not chosen as a standard service, as it is more costly and involves more work. Stem mastering is usually not needed and may be required in the case where, for example, only one track has issues that need fixing. It is also a useful service if a client cannot afford a mixer as well as a mastering engineer - in that case, they can use stem mastering, which will cover some basic aspects of mixing and provide a clean final master.

While stem master has many benefits, having access to stems can also result in changes that the client may not like. Receiving one stereo file usually stops this happening as the engineer cannot make changes to the individual stems. But if the client wants changes or some form of artistic input, then stem mastering can be the answer. If you have any queries or questions regarding stem mastering, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.


Online Mastering


Online Mastering Services


All our audio post production services are offered online. Mixing and Mastering online makes them much more affordable than the traditional attended sessions. They are therefore perfectly suited for clients with a smaller budget. Although there is no face-to-face contact, we are always available by phone and e-mail. Contact us to discuss any queries you may have about our services or to seek any technical advice.

Understanding clients’ requirements is crucial in producing audio masters that meet their expectations. The more pointers about your objectives you can provide, the closer the finished product will be to what you had envisioned. With that in mind, we created a Job Order form. It is an invaluable help in determining our approach to your music.

Fast and on-time delivery is very crucial and rare in the music business, where things tend to be left till the very last minute with deadlines looming. That is why we proudly offer an option for a super fast delivery, with an approximately 24h turnaround. 

If you are new to our audio services please feel free to have a listen listen to the audio samples, which will give you a better idea of what can be achieved using our service. We also invite you to have a look at  the client testimonials and reviews, which show our commitment and passion in providing only the best service. If these still do not entirely convince you to use our services, we would recommend ordering a free sample to really hear what our Mastering Engineer can do, and to see how we can make your music sound at its best.

To further improve the quality of our service we have created a short video explaining how to use Job Order. It is an unique tool that allows our clients to select a service, pay for it and upload their mixes - all in one place, making it secure, convenient and super easy!

It is also a very convenient way of checking the total price of the service that you are interested in. Simply select the relevant service from the menu and enter the number of songs to be masteredreviewed or mixed. Stem-mastering, CD-mastering, extra long songs, DDP master, MFiT Master for iTunes, Red Book master, extra file conversion, etc. - all the additional extras are there. Mark your requirements and select the expected delivery date. Your price will be shown at the bottom of the page.



Why Us?


Red Mastering Studio London has many reasons for being the choice for professional music mastering. Not only do we have some of the best equipment around, but we also have a resident mastering engineer with great experience. There are endless reasons why you should choose us for all your mastering needs, and here we have listed just a few:

·         Competitive rates and affordable prices for all services (new offer £20/per song!)

·         Music mastered by an experienced, committed and skilled Mastering Engineer

·         Top end analogue and digital equipment

·         Acoustically treated dedicated room to create the perfect listening environment

·         Exceptional customer service, friendly and reliable

·         Great communication with clients throughout the entire mastering and mixing process

·         Fast turnaround time and options up to 24h delivery

·         Easy on-line Job Order specifically created for our clients


If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or get in touch with us. If you are visiting us for the first time, please check the video manual on how to use Job Order. 

The quality of our work, attention to detail and great communication with clients are what sets us apart and lets us fulfil our lifelong dream of making that great sound!


What is Audio Mastering?


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Audio Mastering

Online Mixing and Mastering


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Online Mastering

Ordering a Job


It is super easy. Whether it is Audio Mixing, OBAM, Mix Review, Free Sample or Mastering Audio, you simply use the Job Order. It is an online application created by us allowing to upload the mix, make payment and submit order, all in one place... (read more here)


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