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Professional, audio mastering studio London, UK. High quality, low cost mastering online services.

High-end analogue, online mixing and audio mastering for Vinyl, CD mastering, or other digital delivery like MFiT, high res. 24/96, flac, mp3, etc.  

Affordable online mastering services for independent artists, producers, mixing engineers, recording studios and labels. 

The Studio specialises in hip hop, reggae, indie, folk, pop, rock, EDM, jazz, house, soul and funk. I do not shy away from other music genres though, so if you are looking for an engineer for your death metal or country album – you do not need to look any further.


There are three crucial elements that should be a staple of any professional studio, designated for Audio Mastering.

1 - flat and accurate monitoring system.

2 - made-to-measure acoustic treatment.

3 - skilled and experienced Mastering Engineer.

Red Mastering London has all of them. I also use some of the best analog equipment and digital tools carefully selected over the years. They help me to deliver high quality audio masters.



Audio Mastering Services

All services are offered online. Mastering online makes them much more affordable than the traditional attended sessions. They are thus perfectly suited for clients with a smaller budget. Although there is no face-to-face contact, I am always available by phone and e-mail. Contact me to discuss any queries you may have about my services or to seek my technical advice.

Understanding clients’ requirements is crucial in producing audio masters that meet their expectations. The more pointers about your objectives you can give me - the closer the finished product will be to what you had envisioned. With that in mind, I created a Job Order form. It is an invaluable help in determining my approach to your music.

Fast and on-time delivery is very crucial and rare in music business:) sometimes things has been left for a last minute. Red Mastering Studio proudly offers option for a super fast delivery (around 24h). 

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Professional Mastering Music

If you are new to Red Mastering please listen to the audio samples. Please also check the client testimonials and reviews. If these still do not entirely convince you to use my services, I would recommend a free sample. See how I can make your music sound at its best.

To further improve the quality of my service I created a short video explaining how to use Job Order. It is an unique tool that allows my clients to select a service, pay for it and upload their mixes - all in one place.

It is also a very convenient way of checking the total price of the service you are interested in. Simply select the relevant service from the menu and enter the number of songs to be mastered, reviewed or mixed. Stem mastering, CD mastering, extra long songs, DDP master, Red Book master, extra file conversion, Mastering for iTunes (MFiT) etc. - all the additional extras are there. Mark your requirements and select the expected delivery date. Your price will be shown at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, please check FAQ or get in touch with me. If you are visitng us first time, please check the video manual on how to use Job Order. 

The quality of my work, attention to detail and great communication with clients are what sets us apart from others. 

What is Audio Mastering ?


Audio Mastering Studio

Mastering Audio is the last stage of music production. Engineer appraises the material from a technical point of view, to give it a final polish before duplication. In case of an album, all its elements are being brought together to make them sound as a...(read more here)

Audio Mastering

Online Mixing and Mastering


online mastering

There really is only one but key difference between a traditional mastering studio and one that offers their services solely online - the clients are never present during the mastering process. They cannot instantly react to the ...(read more here)


Online Mastering

Ordering a Job


audio mastering service

Ordering a Job is super easy. Either it is Audio Mixing, Mix Review, Free Sample or Mastering Audio - client needs to use Job Order. It is an online application created by us allowing to submit order, upload a mix and make a payment in one place ... read more here


How to Order Mastering?